Performance Measurement

Measuring performance leads to greater long term success

Performance Measurement (PM) is used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of initiatives. PM is a systematic approach to monitoring, measuring, assessing and reporting on the progress that a strategic plan, is making towards a desired outcome. The degree of success (desired outcomes) helps inform future planning decisions.

Performance Measurement resources available:

OMAFRA has developed two comprehensive resources which are available to support the knowledge and skills of economic development professionals interested in measuring and monitoring the progress and success of economic development initiatives.

  1. For Agriculture and Agri-Food organizations, OMAFRA has developed the Performance Resources: A Guide for Agriculture and Agri-Food Organizations. This is a resource that can be used to support organizations to understand, develop and benefit from the performance measurement process. It can be applied to new programs or projects or ones that are already up and running.
    It employs qualitative and quantitative measures and can be used as a report back measure for the success of funded projects and strategic plans
  2. For Economic Development Professionals there is the guidebook called Measuring Up! This is a resource for that outlines performance measurement concepts and processes. It builds awareness and develops the skills needed to successfully integrate performance measurement in an economic planning process.
    The guidebook introduces performance measurement, provides a step-by-step systematic approach to developing measures and offers a variety of examples and templates.

These resources help economic development professionals and agriculture and agri-food sector organizations utilize performance measurement to improve the success of their economic development plans. Engaging in performance measurement helps inform decision making, create accountability and build consistency in desired outcomes.

How to get a copy

If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the either of these guidebooks, go to the following link and complete the request form.

OMAFRA's Regional Economic Development Branch Advisors are available to provide additional information and advice about the guidebooks. Contact an Advisor or email: or call the Contact Centre at 1-877-424-1300.

Performance Measurement Training

OMAFRA offers a one-day in-person PM training session that is based on the guidebook. It provides the opportunity to gain a further understanding through hands-on experience and practice. The training session presents material in person, provides the opportunity to apply skills with activities and exercises and simulates the process of collaboratively developing performance measures.

If you are interested in attending a PM training session please click here.


Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 22 July 2011
Last Reviewed: 26 October 2015